Courageous Leadership – Leading From The Lion’s Den


“In today’s church, leadership has become something of an obsession” said by Dr. Albert Mohler the ninth president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. There is a sense of lostness of the definition of leadership. The term, “leadership” has been thrown left to right and has been put up on the pedestal of worship. The obsession of the extreme leadership has made the church off-tract. Lord Montgomery puts leadership in a intriguing way, “Leadership is the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose, and the character which inspires confidence.”

Daniel was a man who was confident and courageous. Daniel “distinguished himself”. He was one of a kind; he had an “exceptional qualities”. What made Daniel unique? He was a courageous leader. Daniel was marked by faith and persist in his faithfulness unto God in spite of opposition and the threat of death that the people may see His glory. We know the rest of the story, Daniel deliberately defiled a law of the land, and he was thrown into the dens of lion. As a result, he was delivered (v. 22), experienced a special manifestation of the presence of the Lord (v. 22), provided an opportunity for witness to unbelievers (vv. 26-27), and was blessed (v.28).

  • As we look back to the cross, we see that Jesus himself faced the same threat as Daniel in the lion’s den. Daniel emerges from the lion’s den is a typological of Jesus death and resurrection. As Daniel was framed on a false charge by the Persian day. They reported to the Roman authorities that Jesus was claiming political authority with the title “king of the Jews’ (Matt. 27:11). Jesus, like Daniel, was arrested while at prayer in a private location, the Garden of Gethsemane. Pilate, like Darius, worked for his release. but in the end, both Daniel and Jesus are turned over to be executed. However, the big difference between the two is that Daniel emerges without a scratch, while Jesus dies. Yet that difference is what underlines the superiority of the reality to its foreshadow. Jesus dies, yet he emerges from the tomb! (Mark 10:45)

Today, we all too are being called upon to make difficult ethical choices. As the world becomes more and more secular (and sinful), we will increasingly find ourselves taking stands that are unpopular and positions that may even violate the law of the land. Our willingness to risk even our lives is what will turn the heads of the secular culture that surrounds us. Our complaints, our legislative efforts, our attempts to compel people to live according to our standards of morality will only close their ears.

The problem is this; we need more Daniels. We would rather “Stay inside christian” and neglect in the area of evangelism. We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus; to give a word, a look and a touch in the Name of Jesus. As William Wilber-forth said, “Evil triumphs when good people do nothing” Why are we fearful of men? People are dying without hearing the gospel of their own salvation! Christians ought to be at all times be willing to risk everything, even our lives, so that the secular culture that surrounds us today may see the quiet faithful hearts and be impressed and draws closer to God.

Evangelist Dwight L. Moody was a Daniel. ‘Moody was one of the few who had the audacity and courage to go into the worst district of Chicago, the Sands. ‘Sometimes called ‘Little Hell,’ this is where Moody went to rescue souls.”

We already have enough people who are, “Bench warmers”. Let’s get out of our seats and go into the streets! It’s time for a fresh wind in our cities. We must win souls for Christ and have victory for Jesus, but there will be no victory without a battle. I’ll be going into little hell to make war.

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