Leadership Multiplier Effect

Churches are notorious for being stagnant.

A lot of churches through America don’t have any succession plan in place because they created an environment that they don’t have to! Therefore, nothing is happening and ministry cruise through as a stagnant model. Many American churches only have 100 or fewer people in their gathering as a result of supply and demand. Why would we raise another worship guy if we already have a decent guy? Why would we raise another youth pastor if we already have one?

Sometimes people’s vision goes something like, “We just want to get bigger.” We must understand that in order to reach more people we simply need to build more leaders! Therefore, we must release; we cannot multiply without releasing people. Farmers have to throw and let go of those seeds that are in his/her hand as they go forth to the land in order to bear much fruit.

If we hoard certain people to keep the show going in order the system may not collapse and handcuff them in, we prevent our next generations to grow in those vacant positions. There are young men and women who eager, able and willing but no vacancy for them to step in to rise up. “Why are we losing all these people?” people are going through the vacuum of the world by being sucked up as they can’t find a place to serve in the church! If we want to keep young people, then we need to begin to create a vision that is big as God that vacuums people to fill them up.

Our greatest challenge is never talented leaders, how much money we need but it is we ourselves. It is often our selfish desires to control and our own unwillingness to release for our own insecurity that prevents multiplication. Some of us leaders may need a little heart check.

Here are 6 principles that allows the multiplying affect growth within your team;


1. Desperation & Necessity

Growth mostly happens when one is hungry to learn. The task makes them feel that they aren’t able to do the task, this leads the team to be stretched inside and leads them outward out of their comfort zone.

2. Peaking through the Breaking-point

Headed through a ceiling (break down of communication) they are hungry to learn as a result because they feel stuck in a place. This stretches them enough to reach the uncertainty.

3. Crystal clear vision

A clear vision that is compelling enough that causes reproduction and multiplication. Not having a clear goal for the team causes am unrealistic expectation for a reach for impossibility leads to grave frustration. On the other hand, if the leader have  establish goals for their team (Not a maintenance stagnant mentality) but goals that are difficult to reach and are challenging can cause healthy growth.

By definition of our modern contemporary churches are as Proverbs put it, “Where there is no clear vision, everyone will do their own thing”

4. Continual learning environment

The team is learning and growing in area that they are not really good at. One will be for instance, learning a new language (Hebrew & Greek) When one is out of their comfort zone, causes exponential motivation to learn and grow.

5. Renewal of the Vision’s Reality

When they are stretched by the vision of a new reality. When someone is stretched with the vision and blows and inflate their soul, now the team is able to grasp and see in the context of full colors; it is hard to go back to the same size it was with a God-given vision. That vision will drive you to become a reality as they grow with such a vision.

6. Intentional coaching relationship

Someone who is intentionally training and coaching eventually must discern in the relationship to transition to a seasonal coach. That transition is something we need to understand well as leaders. If the leader over controls and manages later on, their teammate will push for the freedom out the box that he/she is placed in. On the other hand, if the leader is divorced from the team member and is disengaged, then the team thinks that the leader just doesn’t care. Those are difficult at times to discern the exact timing, however as a coach in the coaching relationship must trust and allow them to flourish.



Putting the Leadership Multiplier Effect in Action 

If we don’t have a clear vision that drives us, chances are you are in a maintenance mode rather than multiplication mode.

We need clarity about a vision, jumping through the key season of life, we need to find those coaches in our lives. We not only have to learn how to coach, but we also must learn to find coaches in our lives. As a leaders in the church, we ned to find those who speak truth into our inner most parts of our heart and soul, so we can continue to grow in our pastoral counsel and meet and listen and speak in other leaders who are amongst us.

True success in our lives as leader is growing those who are following us. 

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