Ordinary Radicals: A Return to Christ-centered Discipleship


How do we live out the gospel in our lives?

What we believe about the gospel determines how we will follow the Great Commission and make disciples. Radical Discipleship lays bare the roots of the gospel, reinforcing the command and privilege of the Great Commission.

Church leadership must be focused on discipleship. If you have a leadership problem, you have a discipleship problem, and if you have a discipleship problem, you have a Great Commission problem.

Why bother with discipleship? Because the cost of non-discipleship is too great! Living with radical abandonment for His glory, faithful adherence to His person, and urgent obedience to His ministry is the only way to live a successful, fruitful Christian life. This book offers a step-by-step process for living out the Great Commission to revolutionize the world through the local church.

More information about the book coming soon!

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Warm welcomes to our newest author, Jonathan Hayashi. Get ready to think outside the box with church training! Follow his sites to learn more about his book project: 

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