Ordinary Radicals Book

A Return To Christ Centered Discipleship

Micah Fries
Micah Fries@micahfries
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"In an era where there is much confusion or even apathy about discipleship, Jonathan Hayashi gives us a simple, and yet powerful explanation of discipleship centered around the person of Jesus. If you are serious about Jesus and being shaped into his image, you should pay attention to this book.”
Robby Gallaty
Robby Gallaty@Rgallaty
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"Making disciples who make disciples ought to be the normal Christian life, not the life reserved only for "radical" Christians. Jonathan explains that the motivation for disciple making and gives a practical method for it. Ordinary Radicals is a valuable resource for the Christian wanting to make the most of their life."
Daniel Im
Daniel Im@danielsangi
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Ordinary Radicals is going to help move you from wherever you are, to where God is calling you to be. In other words, in this book, Jonathan acts as a tour guide, rather than a travel agent. Instead of pointing you to where you need to be, he’s going to guide you and your church in the direction toward Christ.
Timothy Paul Jones
Timothy Paul Jones@DrTimothyPJones
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“Ordinary Radicals is a simple, straightforward guide for ordinary people that will equip them to live as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. A great choice for a new members’ class in your church!”
Jason Keith Allen
Jason Keith Allen@jasonkeithallen
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“Jonathan Hayashi is a rising star amidst a new generation of evangelical pastor-theologians. As you read Ordinary Radicals: A Return to Christ-Centered Discipleship you’ll understand why. Every Christian will benefit from reading this book.”

How do we live out the gospel in our lives?

What we believe about the gospel determines how we will follow the Great Commission and make disciples. Radical Discipleship lays bare the roots of the gospel, reinforcing the command and privilege of the Great Commission.

Church leadership must be focused on discipleship. If you have a leadership problem, you have a discipleship problem, and if you have a discipleship problem, you have a Great Commission problem.

Why bother with discipleship? Because the cost of non-discipleship is too great! Living with radical abandonment for His glory, faithful adherence to His person, and urgent obedience to His ministry is the only way to live a successful, fruitful Christian life.

This book offers a step-by-step process for living out the Great Commission to revolutionize the world through the local church.

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