Throughout the years, for nine years at two churches in Illinois and Missouri, Jonathan has also had the privilege to be a camp pastor and speak at multiple revivals.

Jonathan have years of experience as a pastor preaching in churches, teaching in higher education, and speaking at camps/church events. Have lead various small groups/ Sunday school settings. Jonathan have spoken at big revival events or joined on a secular university campus auditoriums for debates.

Please send Jonathan a message to have me come speak at your school, camp, church, or event! Topics include the gospel, theology, leadership, discipleship, local church and corporate worship.

A Few Examples Of Jonathan's Public Speaking

How do you know God exist? Is God personal or impersonal? Does those have a relationship with it? What does it mean to know God? How does one know God exists is a fact?


This is a sermon video from a two days apologetics conference (Apolocon 2018) held on Nov 3-4.



Discipleship is derived from the gospel, not divorced from the gospel.

This is a teaching video from portion of the chapter #OrdinaryRadicals


This is a teaching video is using Logos Bible Software from OT text Nahum 3:8-9 that was done from one of the preaching class for Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago, IL.

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