Pastoring is Weird

Pastoring is not just weird, pastoring is hard. Statistics show that 85% of seminary graduates who enter ministry will leave ministry in the first 5 years.

The Mind of a Master Manipulator

How does the Bible inform and help navigate through the mind of a master manipulator? How can we identify and examine whether we are master manipulators? 

Why Do I Do What I Don’t Want to Do?

Does what I think, what I feel, what I do glorify the Name of my Lord? I believe that question alone can become a wise counsel that can eliminate 90% of the issues dealt with in life. 

The Problem with an Angry Heart

Satan wants to split the church in half like our country is divided in so many areas. Satan wants to do everything in the church to bring division and get Christians off the course!

8 Questions to Dig Deeper by Soul Searching

There is a sense of “fear of man” rather than “fear of God” There is a shrinking fear from those of wealth or position. There is a fear that someone will perhaps offend and drive punishment people away.

Every Church for Every Nation

We cannot miss this as a church in the business of all the ministry activities we do. The risen Christ implied the need for the mission to all nations.

The Priority of Prayer

Prayer should be our number one priority in building an intimate relationship with Christ

The Need for Better Evangelism and More Baptism

As a pastor, my prayer and desire are to see that as leaders we will create a system from national, state, local, and church to work together to build leaders to see greater number of evangelism and baptism.