Calling to Church Planting

What a blessing and joy it has been to serve as the Transitional Pastor through the Resound Network with Missouri Baptist Convention the past year. I am happy to share that we gladly welcome and celebrate Pastor Tim and his wife as the new Senior Pastor at Hamilton Street Baptist Church.

As I look back, I am so grateful unto the Lord and for the church as I express my appreciation. I am reminded, that we may not know until we get to heaven just how much a personal welcome, a worship sung or a passage of Scripture at the right moment has encouraged a life to keep on going when a few moments before they were tempted to give up.

The willingness of the church to allow me to shepherd for a season and the use of their gifts and abilities has strengthened the mission and ministry of God’s glorious bride, his local church. Thankful to serve with a great deacon body that has also been an example of servant-leadership and giving.

Thanks be to God who always answered our prayers! God is so kind.


What is The Next Season of Life?

So, I guess the question is, what is next for the Hayashi family? I am personally delighted to share how God has called us into this new season of church planting work with the gospel in Kearney, Missouri with Sola Church.

As many of you know, the past year or two have been saturated with much prayer and preparation for God’s faithful work in our lives. We are celebrating God’s clarity and his work that is evident in the Greater KC area!

We are excited to announce God’s calling to church plants in the northland along with a group of leaders to trust and follow in this glorious new endeavor. This has been a culmination of the Gospel vision for the community to know Christ and to make Christ known amongst the nations!

As Charles Spurgeon said, “Keep the word of God, and the word of God will keep you.” Our hope and prayer are this; That Sola Church exists to Know Him and make Him known (Mark 16:15).

Several updates here are that our Church Plant has been accepted by the Missouri State as an official status of non-profit by sending our Constitution Bylaws and Article of Incorporation.

Not only that but Sola Church has also officially been welcomed into full membership and endorsed church planters with The Pillar Network. We are grateful for being part of this family and we thank God for being part of like-minded brothers.

Jesus is on the move in the northland (KC), and we are in awe at His kindness and His faithfulness unto us.

If you know anyone in the KC area who is looking for a gospel-driven church, please invite them as we continue in our new sermon series “Way of Wisdom” on the book of Proverbs at Sola Church. Why Study the Proverbs? Proverbs gives us great wisdom to help us through all life circumstances.


Interested in helping our church plant? 3 ways you can start today.

  • (1) Partner: meaningful engagement and financial giving in effective outreach.
  • (2) Play: join us in the team by cooperating and impacting the city for Kingdom expansion.
  • (3) Pray: pray for the presence and power of the Spirit in gospel evangelism efforts.

Do you want to help? Hit us up if you’re interested in partnering in the Kansas City area! Message me and let’s set up a time for a conversation.

Click here to see more details about Sola Church:

Join us in praying as we plant strong and anticipate our hard launch soon.

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