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Top 5 Most Popular Articles of 2017

For quantity doesn’t always correspond to quality, especially on the Internet. However, sometimes, articles that have a broad readership indicate that a powerful idea or formative truth has been shared.

Christ Birth

Valley of Vision Christmas Prayer

What shall I render to you for the gift of gifts, your own dear Son? Herein is wonder of wonders: he came below to raise me above, was born like me that I might become like him.

The Apostle Paul

Does James and Paul Contradict the Doctrine of, “Grace Alone”?

As we even celebrate the 500th year of Protestant Reformation with Martin Luther, which has influenced Protestants since the 16th-century hated the New Testament book of James so much that he wanted it completely OUT of the Bible as it seemed to contradict the doctrine of Sola Fide (Latin: by faith alone).

Is it ok?

Is it Ok for Christians to watch ‘Stranger Things’?

Today living in the 21st century, we live in a culture where it is no surprise that all entertainment platform is encouraged and empower their users to allow any filthy language, nudity, violence, and other mature content from movies and TV series.

Church and Pornography

Church’s Great Threat = Pornography

Huffington Post writes, “Porn sites has more regular traffics compared to Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined all together each month.” 
This is a shocking reality. These are not angry fundamentalist conservative Christians but secular culture coming up with these statistics. 

Making Disciples

How NOT to Make Disciples

The leaders of the first century church did NOT ask each other, “how many came to church last week?” That’s not how God measures success.

Learned in Seminary

10 Things I Wished I Learned in Seminary

My time in seminary was perhaps one of my sweetest moments yet a hardest time of my life. But seminary didn’t teach me everything. It certainly didn’t fully prepare me for ministry.

The Disciple's Path

Five Ways to Cultivate a Culture of Discipleship

Jesus envisioned that the victory would be won through witnessing and he depended on the faithfulness of his chosen disciples to this task. That was his only plan. His concern was not with programs to reach the multitudes, but men were to be His method of winning the world.

Optional Discipleship

The Six Gospels Churches Believe

The Contemporary gospel is an American cultural artifact, namely, you can become a Christian and not follow Jesus, discipleship is optional.

Reaching Out to One Another

The Loneliness of Suffering

What if the church was a city of refuge and beacon of hope that people run to rather than run from for fear of criticism?

The Task of Discipleship

4 Myths About Disciple-Making

If your ministry has a leadership problem it has a discipleship problem. You can’t make disciples and not develop leaders.

Christian Living

Why Churches Don’t Grow 

We want to do church, but we don’t want to live Christ. We can only change when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing.