Why are So Many Churches Stuck?

It’s no mystery at all, but most churches remain small.

Out of few exception, most small church leaders and pastors I meet actually want to reach more people in Jesus Name!

However, the fundamental question is, “Why are so many churches stuck?” isn’t it?

I am convinced if our churches simply return to a biblical model of discipleship many more churches would grow.

Here are the three whys so many churches are stuck, and here are there three hows churches to get unstuck.

1. Program Driven Mentality

When people think programs, churches often have in mind of a destination. However, biblically speaking we know it’s more a direction.

Events and programs aren’t bad. But when you depend on them to do all the work of discipling and relationship-building, we should expect them to eventually fail.

Jesus never commissioned us to start programs. He empowered us to invest in people. – Robby Gallaty

2. Staff Driven Mentality

They say it takes a village to raise a child. The Bible shows us it takes a church to grow a Christian.

Discipleship model that is taught in seminaries are pastorally driven, yet not embrace by the lay people to disciple the body. This leads to an unrealistic expectation on the pastors as professional task to lead that often birth into a false reality.

It is not only the staff’s job to raise believers, but it is the body of Christ to engage in disciple making. Discipleship cannot be afterthought for the devout and devoted. It is everyone for the Christian within the church.

Discipleship is not done by the few for the few, but by all the saints for all the people.

In order to grow bigger, you must structure bigger with a bigger vision.

3. Transactional Driven Mentality

Jesus call to discipleship was an invitation to choose a direction – follow me – It was not a command to adopt a doctrinal manifesto.

You see, discipleship is really by definition as Eugene Peterson said it well, “Long Obedience in the Same Direction.” Running the race with perseverance. You can’t ever get there on this side of eternity.

We were not called to make converts. Our job is the task of disciple-making. I mean, if we are not making disciples, why are we here?

Discipleship, therefore, is not a destination, but a direction.


Discipleship that leads to Multiplication

We know the Great Commission is crucial. Commitment to not only grow but also to multiply.

Church’s the multiply understand, that multiplication begins with discipleship.

Therefore, the role of a pastor is to simply equip. You and I have one job – to equip the people for the work of the ministry. (Eph. 4:12) If only our churches knew, believer and lived it, how much more effectiveness that we will find in our community.

A church that multiply is unstoppable. A church that multiplies is unstuck.

Discipleship is not just helping someone live like Jesus. Discipleship is helping someone lead like Jesus. –Mac Lak

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