Episode 27: The Need for Church Planting and Revitalization

Ordinary Radicals
Ordinary Radicals
Episode 27: The Need for Church Planting and Revitalization

In this episode of the Ordinary Radicals podcast, Jonathan Hayashi and Brandon Boatner speak on the topic of church planting and revitalization.

I mean first, what is church planting? What is church revitalization? Are they the same? What makes each of those routes a different and unique route?

They will visit and explain their brief thoughts on the difference between church planting and revitalization. 


Some highlights from today’s episode.

  • Both church planting and revitalization are very difficult. 
  • Church plant is like a jet ski and church revitalization is a big ship in the bay. 

  • Majority of churches, from 60-80% have either plateaued or in a decline. 
  • Reading culture is like asking a fish, “what is water?” 
  • Churches have become content with doing church rather than being the church. 

  • Dying churches have failed to live Hebrews 13:7 to faithfully follow biblical leaders. 
  • Church revitalization needs to know what kind of baggage the church carries. 
  • Ministry is not about you. “Jonathan, you’re doing this for yourself” Sad reality check. 
  • People are looking for rest as they are overburdened. Point them to Jesus. That’s revitalization. 

  • As much as you need the church, the church needs you. 
  • So many young pastors overestimate what you can accomplish in the first year of ministry. 
  • Stay in your church faithfully for 5 years and see how God will bless you in that ministry. 
  • We live in a McDonald’s society where we want it right now hot and salty! 
  • “I love you church. Now, go make disciples” that’s my outro. 
  • Church can be a continually discouraging place. You will need encouragement. 

  • “I love you” cannot be an abstract principle. I need to not just believe it but show it. 


Here’s the breakdown outline from today’s conversation.

1. What is the Difference Between the Two? What Do We Mean by That? 

– Church planting: No building, no budget starting from scratch. No history with a fresh start. 

– Church revitalization: Has building, budget, and bylaw (legwork). But tons of baggage. 

– Church revelation and replanting are not the same either. 

– Planters have the disadvantage of fundraising and other important matters. 


2. The Mission of the Church through America. 

– Majority of churches throughout America are dying for various reasons. 

– Baggage: Ministry is just hard. 

– Jesus came for the spiritually sick. (Mark 2:17)

– Church plants can be filled with people who are hurt and broken. 

– What is the “Golden calf” of the church? 

– “Come to me for those who are overburdened and weary” (Matt 11:28-30). 


3. Process in Planting and Revitalization 

– If you’re a planter, you’re most likely proud. 

– Jesus walked and did ministry. That’s how we are supposed to do ministry. 

– Take your time in doing ministry. 

– Wherever God calls you to serve, just stay there and serve there faithfully. 


4. Calling in Planting and Revitalization is not Second Option 

– If you don’t have a calling, you will fail. 

– Majority of churches that plant do fail. 

– Some people who are serving do not have patience and will fail. 

– Gospel-Driven Ministry vs. Emotional Reactive Ministry. 


5. Suggestion for Planters or Revitalizers 

– Model who you want the church you want to become. 

– Check your expectation: what are your thoughts there? 

– Surround yourself with the right people. 

– Encouragement: “I’m just so encouraged to see the effort you put into.” 




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