Episode 30: Sexual Abuse in the Church

Ordinary Radicals
Ordinary Radicals
Episode 30: Sexual Abuse in the Church

In this episode of the Ordinary Radicals podcast, Jonathan Hayashi, and Brandon Boatner about the heavy topic of sexual abuse in the church. 

This is a topic that should be a burdensome and grievous topic for all of us. Difficult topic, yet by the grace of God and His help we want to talk about this idea of sexual abuse despite the secrecy surrounding this topic. 

How do we help those who feel helpless and hopeless in these situations? What about those who are weak and weary souls of fighting this uphill battle? Can we find answers? 


Some highlights from today’s episode.

• When was the last time you heard a pastor preach through the Song of Solomon? NEVER! 

• The secrecy of sex needs to stop.  

• Faith-based organizations are often huge targets. Why? For we live in a broken world. 

• Communicate to the body that, “We take zero-tolerance in regards to sexual abuse” 

• Even with background checks, predators will work through the systems. 

• Action doesn’t get a pastor out, but often it’s an accusation that gets pastors out. 

• Many of the cases of abuse have come from the hands of leadership. You need accountability. 

• Always err on the side of loving people well and protecting people that are coming. 

• We need to first lament and say, “Lord, have mercy” 

• If you’re outraged about all this, we are too.  

• Let’s find hope and help in the name of Jesus. 


Here’s the breakdown outline from today’s conversation.

1. The secrecy with the Topic of Sex in the Church  

– Sex is a topic that nobody wants to talk about and is suppressed often even in the church. 

– Sex happened before the garden and it is good. 

– “So, when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate.” (Gen 3:6). 

– The secrecy of sex needs to stop.


2. How to Protect the Survivors in the Church 

– Listen and lament (sympathize) with those who bring the concern. 

– Predators will groom the people in the process. 

– Begin with awareness by teaching and training the body. 

– Everyone is a mandated reporter.


3. Guardrails for Protection 

– Billy Graham’s rule: Not to be alone with the opposite sex who is not your wife. 

– The protection of the system is not to meet alone with even children. 

– Abuse is a multifaceted issue that brings issues from all directions. 

– If something comes into the light, report it quickly. 

– It is better to be safe than sorry. 

– Sexual predators: this is not the first time, there’s usually a pattern already seen. 


4. SBC: Sexual Abuse Task Force (SATF). 

– “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort” (2 Cor 1:3). 

– God’s Word is sufficient to help us in biblical reconciliation and restoration. 

– SBC polity, there’s no hierarchy to fire pastors or remove people like other denominations. 

– This is part of taking out the fire. We deal with it and let’s move forward together on a mission. 


Resources mentioned in today’s podcast

• The Majesty’s Men



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