Episode 7: Traditional vs. Contemporary Worship? The Worship Wars

Ordinary Radicals
Ordinary Radicals
Episode 7: Traditional vs. Contemporary Worship? The Worship Wars

In this episode of the Ordinary Radicals podcast, Jonathan Hayashi and Brandon Boatner speaks on the hot topic, or perhaps the never-ending battle on the worship wars.

Are you maybe even familiar with that term? Well, get ready. This is a loaded show on the importance, in fact is a discipleship issue in the worship aspect.


Some highlights from today’s episode;

  • Why does music matter in our churches? Because unity is so crucial in our churches.

  • There is a consumer side that is built into the modern church.
  • Churches live and breathe in the culture of consumerism.
  •  The culture: “I’m here to be catered spiritual religious goods-and-services. I’m here as a passive spectator rather than an active participant in the mission of God.
  • People have limited experience attending churches but have big opinions what the churches should be doing.
  • Today, the average church member attends church 1.5 times NOT a week, but per month.
  • We have to get rid of the idol of worship.


Here are the three points as we dialogue on the topic of Worship Wars.

1. What is, “Worship Wars”?  

  • Identity to the Church comes along with worship style.
    1. Pop Church: Play the local radio songs.
    2. Hipster Church: Contemporary style worship.
    3. Hymn Church: Traditional older generation.
    4. Ethnic Church: Gospel music genera.
  • The future of the church = determined by music choice.


2. Why does the Music make such War?

  • Historically: Music went along in reactions of current events.
  • Why is this important? Because it is a touchy subject.
  • Worship ought to be surrounded the person of Jesus (Rev. 7:9-17).


3. What are Some Answers to this Issue?

  • Converse one another: “Worship is not about us.”
  • Jesus is the end to worship. Worship is the means to the end (Gen 3:1-24).
  • Team to have the same vision of worship (centrality).
  • Worship is an idol in the church.
  • What is the heart of worship?
  • Biblical Understanding of Holistic Worship (Gal 3:28).


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