3 Things I Want You to Know About My New Book

My newest book is titled Ordinary Radicals and released just two weeks ago. 

I have lived with the content of the book for over the past decade or so, wrestling with the idea and lifestyle of discipleship. By forming this book, I am excited this is finally made available for churches and ministry leaders.  

Discipleship has often been made so complex that Christians feel as if they are not adequate enough to pass on to the next generation. 

Here are three things I want you to know my news book. 


1.  The Book was Written in Hopes to Transform Lives 

Yes, I want this book to get in the hands of many, but more than that, I wrote in hopes that it will radically transform our lives and affection for King Jesus.

This journey ultimately led me to begin to look at the Gospel. The biblical principles inserted in the scriptures for making disciples is basically being faithful to the gospel.

Therefore, this book is not a how-to guide to figure out a new program. Nor is this another philosophy or methodology book. The book is all about the gospel and that is the essence of Christian discipleship. 

This task is simple enough for the “ordinary” church member to follow and understand yet Christ commission is challenging enough for even the seasoned theologian to come away troubled in their soul.

As leaders of the home, we are totally and entirely dependent on grace to enable us to respond to this radical call. 


2. A Season of Confusion and Frustration 

Why this book and why now Jonathan? 

It wasn’t a moment, it was a couple of years beginning in the year 2016, God placed this stirring upon my heart. 

I remember one day finding myself feeling irritated from my own lack of making disciples in my home and in my church. I was frustrated that we call programs and preaching discipleship as an end, instead of a part. It made no sense to me.

I begin to ask these fundamental questions; What is a Christian? What does discipleship mean? How does one live this out if they are not a pastor?

In an era where there is much confusing not only of in societal structure, there is a confusion and apathy about discipleship. This motivated me to write this book.



3. Don’t Be FIRST Kind of Friend

After I released the book, there are often are two types of friend who approach me.

The first one are those who ask me to send/give a free copy of the book. (which, authors usually gets 25 free copies). 

The later friends are the good ones who actually go online (amazon or B&N) and buys the book, read it, and shares with others.

Please don’t be the first kind of friend, but be the later kind of friend. Here is how. 



Closing Thoughts and Prayer for the Book 

“Aren’t you doing this to just build your own platform of popularity?” someone recently approached me and asked me this question. “Pastors are supposed to be humble; not a greedy one, who is seeking selfish gain.” 

I’m actually not taking even a dime for this book. All the royalties (100%) profits will go directly into helping a mission work as a church to West Africa working with a Muslim village who need to hear Jesus came to saved and die for their sins.

So, my prayer is that as much as I want this book to get in the hands of many, my greater hope and prayer is that this book to transform lives and serve the church well. 

Therefore, I wrote this book for you and for me. If you’re with me wanting to make the most out of this life you have been entrusted, join with me in this movement; the Ordinary Radical movement for King Jesus. 

I am convinced of this; as King Jesus stirs our soul and mind in a deeper level of discipleship leads to the inevitable result of a greater Gospel advancement. 






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