6 Myths Of “Attractional Church”

“Sticky church” it’s a nice thing to say isn’t it? How can our churches reach the lost world? How can our churches bridge the gap between the millennial (15-29 year old)?

Sadly, statistically the millennial have proven to be that they most likely will not attend the church.  Reasons can vary such as, “Church is just not relevant” with a Mosaic informational structure of our day, they are able to find good teaching, good music, good social media…. etc all simply on their smart phones and tablets.

However, I believe God is raising these young people, the young millennial born from 1984-2000 (20s or early 30s) in the churches and changing the churches and the world! They are bringing new passion, vibrancy, fresh set of eyes, creativity, numerical growth, and financial growth as well. 

So what are we doing to reach the next generation? There are six core commitment myths about reaching young and old people that I believe our churches ought to think through.



1.  You have to have a particular worship style 

What about having relevant worship to attract current generation? There are certain forms and aspects of modern worship, but it is no means of a universal principle. We see throughout the states, young adults are being attracted to both whether classic or even contemporary worship styles equally of churches. It’s not that worship style is unimportant; it’s just that there is no one “right” worship style for attracting teenagers and emerging adults.

2. You have to have a certain size. 

Under size 200 or over 10,000 congregations, church growth we see both increase or decrease in both spectrum. There are healthy big churches and unhealthy small ones, healthy contemporary churches and unhealthy traditional ones. Size doesn’t matter.

3. You have to have a certain denomination

People maybe even wonder the other side of the spectrum at times, “lack of denomination” God is working through and out these lines and allowing the churches to grow that are being faithful and engaging.

4. You have to have particular building

I mean it’s nice to have it, but it’s not essential for church growth. These facilities such as having a beach volley board court could be nice, but it is not essential for being missional for the kingdom ministry.

5. You have to have a hip leader 

According to Christianity Today, We have learned just as much, and saw just as much evidence of life change, in churches that were over a century old as we did in churches that were barely five years old. When it comes to churches that “grow young,” there is no age discrimination or the cool hipster pastor.

6. You have to have hip people around the community. 

“We have to be hip and cool in order to reach the community!” there are certainly these kind of churches, what is more commonly seen for the church that is being vibrant and growing did not share these characteristic.



So then what?

Authenticity is the apologetic of our culture. The intentionally practice the art of hospitality leads a church to be a sticky church.

There is something wrong with our church ministry / discipleship approach. It has to be more than what we are talking about it of, “strategy” or “leadership charts”.

As we look at all the activities and all the church operates and does, ultimately we must come back to Jesus model of his incarnation ministry! I guarantee not only in Jesus time, the churches that seem to be attracting and welcoming a crowd of young people often say, “the church was like family” when it come to the young people, “warm” is the new cool. People are crying out loud to be known and be heard by someone. What an opportunity for our churches to be the salt and the light of Jesus in these people’s lives!

These young people are looking for mentors, they are looking for friends, sojourners and real authentic community. They are longing to have those hard and difficult conversation in a safe environment. It’s not familiar to their culture.

Can we take this 1st century principle to the 21st century of our churches? 

Apologetic of our culture is authenticity. Relational warmth is often more powerful than big-budget programming.If we want to be real with others, it requires more exposing our lives to others by warm welcome. For “Warm” is the new cool.

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  1. Good word! So true that what really counts is personal relationships in the church. As the saying goes – ” people don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

    • @RogerAlford,

      Thank you for those encouraging words! Yes, indeed it is in the relational environment isn’t it? Sometimes I think churches get too often caught up in the program and forget that Jesus didn’t die for the program, but for the people.


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