10 Weirdest Criticism Received in Ministry

Criticism is part of ministry.

Why? Because we work with sinful people. It is just the reality of challenges in pastoral ministry. Anyone who is in a church leadership role is exposing themselves to criticism.

But, there are just weird criticism! This list was inspired by a tweet posted by Thom Rainer where he asked people, “What’s the strangest criticism you’ve received?”

Here are the 10 weirdest criticism I have received in the past 10 years of ministry.


1. The Mustache Killer?

“Your mustache is killing the church.”

Ummm…. Ok? Was not expecting that.


2. Cell phone = The Devil’s Playground

“Don’t use your phone when reading scripture. You are playing in the Devil’s playground.”

Maybe the cell phone you’re using now to read this article is demon possessed as well. #TossIt


3. Racist Comment & Division

“Go back to your country Jap. You don’t belong here.”

Wow. Let me say that backward. Wow. No comments.


4. A Drunk Homeless Preacher

“I can preach better than you. Let me preach for you.” as a drunk homeless person fought me to take over the pulpit.

Yup. Not lying here. #truestory


5. Concerned Anonymous Member

Anonymous member: “You weren’t in your office”

Myself: “I was visiting someone in the hospital”

Anonymous member: “But, you still weren’t in your office.”

Yup. Pastors are supposed to be in the office 40 hours to shepherd the office.


6. Criticism from an Elder

 “You need to stop talking about making disciples.”

Let me see what Matthew 28:19-20 says….. Oh wait. You for real?


7. A Church for Community….?

Concerned member: “Why are those kids here?”

Myself: “Because we are reaching the community.”

Concerned member: “Well, we don’t want people like that here.”

Wait…. What was our vision statement again? We are to be a country club church?


8. Jesus < Other Matters

“You talk too much about Jesus. When are we going to talk about other stuff?”

There is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12).


9. Threat to Leave the Church……

“You didn’t say good morning last Sunday. So, we’re leaving the church.”

Umm….. I’m sorry?


10. No Right to Pray with Members

A comment made when I was a music minister,

“You’re not supposed to pray with that person. You’re the music guy. That’s what pastors do.”

I got nothing to say. This is just sad.

4 thoughts on “10 Weirdest Criticism Received in Ministry”

  1. Hi…I am 65 years old, grew up in church, and currently serve as a keyboardist in a small country church. It is sad to know comments like that are ‘out there’ but it is obvious that people who say them are not really in tune with Heavenly Father’s Heart. They definitely need prayers!!

  2. Most of these type of weird comments
    Come from a lack of understanding by
    Church people of the complete teaching
    Of the great commission. And yes you
    Are not the only one who has had some
    Head scratching moments…

    • @Ron I agree brother. Some are sure unregenerate and are in need of the gospel. I am reminded I need to pray for them and love them as Christ has loved them. Thanks for taking the time to read the article post!


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