8 Questions to Dig Deeper by Soul Searching

I cannot recall who or when this was shared with me, but I was recently going through these and believe it is helpful for every Christians to ask.

Here are eight diagnostic questions to ask to dig a little deeper on your discipleship pathway.

1. A Secret Sense of Pride.

An exalted feeling in view of your success or position. Perhaps because of your good education and training or even appearance. This manifest in the independent spirit that comes out so often.

2. Love of Man and Praise of People.

A secret fondness to be noticed is a manifest of “self-love” Love of surpremacy, drawing attention to self in conversation gives a sense of “swelling up” of self and “puff up” That often comes in one’s conversation and prayer time.

3. Stirring of Anger or Impatience.

Often call it “nervousness” or “Holy indignation” this comes in the category of “touch sensitive spirit” where you resent and retaliate when disapproved other or confronted by issues. Do you throw sharp heated flings at others when you are irritated?

4. Self-Will

A stubborn or unteachable spirit. This shows in the argumentative, harsh sarcastic expression, or a driving commanding spirit. There is a sense of disposition to criticize others and pick the faults and point fingers to other people.

5. Carnal Fear.

There is a sense of “fear of man” rather than “fear of God” There is a shrinking fear from those of wealth or position. There is a fear that someone will perhaps offend and drive punishment people away.

6. A Jealous Disposition

A secre spirit of envy shoots you up in your heart. There is a sense of unpleasant sensation rather than in view of the great success of prosperity of others.

7. A Dishonest, Deceitful Disposition.

The evading and covering of the WHOLE truth. When in wrongdoing, people tend to cover up the real faults of self and leaving a better impression than the other person who is involved. That portrays then “false humility” with exaggeration of the situation as well!

8. Unbelief.

A spirit of discouragement in the pressure and opposition of life. Often begins to reveal in the lack of quietness before God and confidence in Christ. There becomes evident a lack of faith and trust in God as worry and complaint becomes evidence in the person’s life.

What other questions would you add to the list?

5 thoughts on “8 Questions to Dig Deeper by Soul Searching”

  1. I once heard Robby Gallaty in a sermon mention the phrase who is your audience? He used a great illustration about a musician that played a concert in England. The concert went so well that he received a standing ovation. As he left the director asked him to come and greet the crowd but he wouldn’t do it. When asked why, he said well there’s one man who is not giving me an ovation, that man was his teacher. When that man stands to clap then I will go out to meet the crown. He had an audience of one even though he was playing to the whole crowd. Who is your audience God or people. We must serve as if our audience is one and that one is Christ.

    • @JohnAppleby

      I love those words by Robby Gallaty. Yes, it is always important to have our eyes on Christ who is the one person we need to please! This is especially good news for those who are people pleasure, which I find myself struggling and fighting against often.

      Keep up the good work brother! Let us continue to be faithful unto Jesus, as his faithfulness unto us never ends.

      • Thank you Jonathan. I appreciate your encouragement. Hope to meet you one day in person. You have been a great help to me from far away. Blessings to you my brother.

  2. Great read! I often ask myself these types of questions. Often I am driven to a deeper, more holy walk of life. My heart is sinful and carnal at creation. The enemy wants me to shut up about it and just go with the flow. Yet, I must allow God to reveal my uncircumcised heart and mold it into His image. Alot of times you hear talk of why don’t we see the miracles we have seen from God in the past and why don’t we see a “move of God.” The Holy Spirit of God has moved me to an answer many times and the reasoning has been because of our heart issues. The state of our heart holds the answers to why we as followers of Christ are not as powerful and effective as we could or should be.

    @Appleby I like that response. I am often reminded that the world will often clap for ungodly behavior. So you have to carefully examine the praise you receive.


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