Church’s Great Threat = Pornography

Statistics clearly proves that the biggest industry today is human trafficking known as, “Pornography.” Pornography addiction is the most enormous problem not only in America, but within our churches.

According to, “The Briefing,” a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview by Alberts Mohler on Oct. 11th, 2017, Segment 2 called, “Why are advertisers turning to porn as a data metric?”

As we look at the inside advertisement companies in America tell us a great amount about of society has changed.

“Porn: The Dark Data Metric for Gauging Cultural Attention” by Daniel Carter study done by AdAge made the argument within the advertising industries.

The use or disuse of online internet shows a great deal of what the culture is engaging in. One source, that may top them all even beyond the annual Super Bowl event is this; porn.

Just one major pornography site in the US has 64 million unique daily users. If we think of the US alone, we have over about 300 million people by all ages. Compared to one the most popular site that is visited by many, YouTube has only 30 million compared in light of the major pornography website. We are speaking only one major porn site has double the amount of Youtube users.

Huffington Post writes, “Porn sites has more regular traffic compared to Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined all together each month.” 

This is a shocking reality. These are not angry fundamentalist conservative Christians but secular culture coming up with these statistics.


Response of the Local Churches 

American culture is absolutely addicted to pornography. The average American Christian cannot even fathom one single site to have over 64 million views per day. That is about 20% of the American population including children of all ages.

Porn is another part of the American culture today. However, the church cannot stay silent. Pornography is an issue the Church cannot afford to ignore.

Now, I don’t assume people reading this blog today is going to change that in life.

If you are currently struggling with pornography, I want you to know that God loves you and he wants to set you free. This is a sin that you can overcome. There is hope in Christ who desires for you to walk in purity and not to give in to lust.

In light of the gospel, and applying the gospel to pornography, God might deliver some of us and cause us to flee from this detrimental sin that is destroying families and within the churches.

I pray for men and women today who are struggling with this sin, that you will find freedom in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Helpful Resources: Articles, Software, Books.

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Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace by Heath Lambert

Pornography: Slaying the Dragon by David Powlison

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  1. Speaking to Dr. Stuart Scott several years ago as part of a Discipleship Lab in Seminary, He said he predicts that “100% of males on campus struggle with pornography on some level” — staggering!!

  2. Dr. Doug Weiss also has proven and excellent resources for both the addict and partner. There is hope, freedom and healing for everyone who wants it.

  3. Thank you for your post on regarding this issue. It does need to be addressed more in church and brought to the light. It seems harmless but it’s like loading a gun. Single people are setting themselves up for a lot of issues for when they become married and it’s destroying marriages. I speak from experience. There is hope, my husband was able to break free after two decades of addiction but it only happened once he brought it to the light and joined a group at church called Celebrate Recovery. He had to give up trying to stop his addiction on his own and allow God to kill the root of it. Keep spreading the truth.

    • Thank you for those kind words @JennyRhoades. Yes, it is every man’s battle and it must be brought into the light. Yes, let us keep spreading the truth that we find only in Christ so that we may be set free to be effective witness for the kingdom of God!


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