Desperate Times: Call For Discipleship Measure

Sea of Galilee

Discipleship is not motivated by strategy, but adoration for Jesus Christ!

So it must be our heart beat as we adore and worship Christ, we are not only intentional of making disciples who make disciples, but disciples who are able to engage the culture!

John Dickerson “The Great Evangelical Recession” wrote six factors that will crash the American church. In order to prepare for this, not how to avoid it, as it is an irrevocable trend that we already see our churches he comes up with a solution.

With an resounding manner he repeatedly says for the later six chapter there’s only way to avoid and fix this dilemma and it is this, “Discipleship”

I believe this with all my heart, the reformation of the 21st century will be enacted with the return to true Discipleship! This is not a new concept, it’s as old as the Old Testament. We see this three unfold teaching principle where Jesus calls His disciple.

“Follow me, and I will make you to become fisher of man” (Matthew 4:18-22)

It is an idea of re-birthing in his followers; Jesus is walking by the sea-shore of the Sea of Galilee and John just got caught and in prisoned, Christ sees Peter and Andrew in the boat.

You will notice as Matthew’s Gospel unfolds that, while Jesus did not ignore the crowds, he was primarily engaged in teaching the Twelve. Even when he ministered to the thousands, it was in the context of teaching the Twelve.

Peter, Andrew, James, and John were fishermen (all involved in a family business) living in Capernaum or nearby Bethsaida (see John 1:44). This was apparently also the home of Matthew at the time of his calling (9:1, 9), and of Philip and possibly Nathanael (John 1:43–45). The fishing profession in that day probably carried with it the same kind of social stigma that “common laborer” does today. Three of the four (Peter, James, and John) would become Jesus’ closest earthly friends. And Andrew played a significant role in his ministry more than once (Mark 13:3; John 1:40; 6:8; 12:22).


  • 1. “Come, Follow me”: The Head – Call To The Person of Christ 

There’s an element of inviting: Jesus did not call the disciples to, “Come Follow The Torah, Law or System” they will never do that as that was not the point here. Jesus did what no one has ever done a revolutionary way of calling the Disciples to Himself!

“Let’s discuss about systematic theology, implication of the fall, justification sanctification and glorification”, which are not wrong thing, but it’s not right concept as well. It is a personal call to Jesus Himself by faith in Christ.

No one before after have ever went after calling and breaking the mode! It is a personal call to him.

The one condition necessary to their becoming fishers of men was to follow me. Packed into this two-word command are many implications. Jesus was saying, “Live with me and learn by watching me. Own my values and priorities. Learn to become passionate for the things I live for. And follow my example by doing the ministry I have come to do.


  • 2. “I will make you”: The Heart – Transformed To The Likeness Of Christ. 

“Intimacy with God always proceeds ministry” who we are in Christ will always trumps over what we do for Christ.

“We will never affect the culture publicly until we are transformed by the gospel privately.” as Robby Gallaty the president of Replicate Ministries said.

Jesus doesn’t say, “I will make you smart, I will make you prosperous, I will make you famous” he never says that. He simply allows us to be more sanctified in the image of Christ for His own Name sake.


  • 3. “Fisher’s Of Men”: The Hands – Reproduces To The Glory Of Christ

It’s no accident that Jesus has chosen blue color-neck, hard-working fisher men for the task of making disciples. If we are called, “fisher men” yet  do not smell like fish, we are probably not real “Fishermen” As one of my mentors told me before I became a pastor, “If you’re a pastor and you don’t find wool on your shoulders, you’re not a pastor” it must affect our everyday life for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus.


You don’t have to start a huge ministry, new organization, new initiative, incredible book. new strategy, you don’t have to start a big blog. You have the greatest, and authority of His very Spirit that God has place in you, what is at stake for those around you, give your purpose to make a disciple where you at. Wherever and whatever the Lord has given you.

This will not be easy, but be assured brethren as we look to the words of G.K.Chesterton,“Jesus promised his followers three things – that they would be completely fearless, absurdly happy, and in constant trouble.”

Let’s be faithful and engaging. Let’s go.

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